Godox / Flashpoint AD-B2 Protector

Improving Workflow

I enjoyed working with this dual power twin head from Godox / Flashpoint. From the moment I got it in, I knew my workflow was going to be more efficient and adaptable than ever before. Already having two Flashpoint eVOLV 200's, this twin head mount combined them to give me extra power when needed. Even with one head attached the silver reflective bulb mount gave me an extra boost of directional power. Robert Hall Photography has an excellent breakdown of this device below. 

Avoiding Catastrophe

That said, I immediately saw a potential problem with this dual head. The LED modeling lights (which are great to have) are protected, but not substantially enough for and rigorous use. I quickly started to design and work with a manufacturer to produce the AD-B2 Protector. We got our prototype made and it worked like a dream! The only problem was I didn’t put it on my AD-B2 immediately (if I’m honest, I wanted to see if the AD-B2 would hold up without needing this product). However, a few weeks went by, even though I transported it in a pelican case fairly securely, and one of the protective covers supplied by Godox / Flashpoint fell off.

I couldn’t find all the pieces to put it back together leaving the raw LED to face the elements. This would eventually lead to its malfunction and a waste of an opportunity to use the modeling function when necessary. Needless to say, I put the AD-B2 Protector on ASAP and it has been protecting my AD-B2 ever since.