I started my career as a professional musician. Traveled the country touring and playing for various Christian Music artists. During that time I wasn't content to sit back and just play music. I had an entrepreneurial side that I had to feed. I started working with leather products and began to make and market them here and there. I had a positive response and decided it was time to double down.

That's when I launched "Pandoric Gaming" with my good friend. We made, in our opinion at the time, the best leather deck box for playing card games such as Magic the Gathering and others. We started making some big marketing pushes and got a lot of positive feedback from what we were offering. That's when things turned south.

See we didn't know the value of product development and true market testing for this type of product. We had at that point made around 40 boxes that had gotten rave reviews. We hadn't however learned how to mass produce. We got approached by a company called Massdrop asking us to send them some samples. They had predicted we would be selling 100's of these boxes a month. We had no boxes made when this happened so we had to rush delivery.

This proved fatal.

See, they had a relationship with a YouTube reviewer who had almost all of our target demographics attention. They let us know they would be sponsoring him to do a review of our boxes. Everyone was excited. We had however, not taken into consideration many different things that would happen with our rushed manufacturing. If you don't want to watch the review we basically busted and fell on our faces. (read the comments, they basically nail everything on the head)

Check out the review here:

Without these hard lessons learned, I would not have learned the ropes of what it truly takes to turn an idea into a reality for myself and my clients. Since then I have devoted my time and efforts towards equipping companies and entrepreneurs with the assets and connections they need to be successful in their endeavors. Whether it's product photography, website design, marketing, amazon integration, or even grabbing a cup of coffee,  it is my passion to help others succeed in whatever they do however I can.

- Brian Duffy