CREATIVE EMBER - 2020 - 16oz Soy Candle

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When lit, it is our hope this candle will fill your environment with a warmth that will foster your creativity. With warm, earthy base notes and a subtle spice top end, we are thrilled to offer this to you. 

If you are wondering why we sell candles give this blog post a read.

Wait... Why Are You Selling Candles?

  • Fortified Soy Wax - We use an all natural soy wax with additional soy-derived fortifiers that enable these candles to hold more scent and form over traditional soy candles. 
  • Deep Scent - We pack our candles to the brim with scent. This way, you get the same scent experience from first light to finish.
  • Created By Hand - Each candle is hand poured, hand inspected, and hand packed to insure the best experience for each and every candle we make.
  • Small Batch - In order to maintain quality we only manufacture in small batches. 
  • Long Lasting - When burned correctly this candle will last from 60-80 hours!

Why the $.13? Out of respect for our ULTRA-INSIDERS there is a $.01/per added to the price.